My photographs since 2013 were taken on solitary walks. The spaces where I photograph are irrelevant, whether it is abroad or around the canal where I live. I enjoy the idea of stillness and quietness, creating meditative studies of colour, light and texture of water (series 500m).
I find walking in cities without a clear purpose liberating, a source of inspiration, embracing the chance of finding something surprising, something incidental (series second glance). Restricting myself to the same rural walks feels more like escaping into a thinking space and it seems this process acts as a catalyst for triggering memory (series Hiraeth, Memorabilia from Home). I discover patterns and implications that are not present in the image, transforming them into words. These are incorporated into my own imaginary context as words projected back onto the surface of the image. Within my work I try to explore perception in the interaction between the visible and the non-visible.